When a student graduates from our ministry, we want them to walk away with a clear understanding of the identity that has been claimed for them by Jesus, and their role in the Kingdom of God. We place a high priority on gospel-centered teaching and programs.

We know, in order to be successful, we must partner with the family and develop a clear link for parents to be connected and invested in.

Our overall goal and prayer for the families of Northeast Community Church is to raise the priority of the spiritual condition of the next generation within the home. With so much competing for the time, affection, attention, and resources of our families- we have to focus on priority, not balance. We encourage families to fight for spiritual success and growth more than scholastic and athletic achievement.

We know every student has a story to tell. At Northeast Community Church Students, we encourage kids to hear God’s truth and know Him personally. If you are in middle or high school, we help you grow in your relationship with Christ and love others as He loved us. We connect you to serve our community and others.

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