Worship Arts

worship_1Music is one of the ways we worship at Northeast Community Church and is an integral part of our Sunday morning gathering.  The worship arts ministry consists of instrumentalist and vocalist of various ages skilled in or at least wiling to engage in various styles of music.

Because we serve a diverse community we endeavor to reflect this in our musical choices. We are committed to using all of our abilities, and visual arts to create experiences where all people are inspired to worship God.

Why Worship?

Worship is our response to the love God has shown us through Christ Jesus. We believe that it is our responsibility to worship God with our lifestyles.  (John 4:24; Romans 12:1).

When we gather to offer worship through music, prayer, fellowship and scripture study, it is an expression of our love for God and our desire to live for Him. We believe that our worship of Him will grow as we grow in the knowledge of God through the teaching of His Word.

What might I experience during a worship service at Northeast Community Church?

A Casual Environment: Our worship setting is very casual with a diverse range of songs and musical genres.

A Diverse Atmosphere: Our worship is multi-generational, multi-cultural, and at times multi-lingual. We believe that we all benefit from worshiping side-by-side with people from different generations, ethnicities, cultures, seasons and walks of life (Revelation 7:9). We strive to create an environment for varied responses to the love of Christ.

An Interactive Experience: Our worship is interactive. We strive to be givers and not consumers in worship. You can anticipate space to be reflective, exuberant, celebratory, reverent, upbeat, quiet, and loud during a service. We desire for every individual to experience the joy of communicating and responding to God through our corporate worship setting.

A Simplistic Approach:  We value making the worship experience easily accessible for those coming in to experience Christ. Our desire is to not make it difficult to experience worship due to complicated processes.

A Quality Service: We pray that our services are all done with excellence and God honoring passion. We want to offer Him the best of all that we have.