The greater the walk; the greater the cost.   God calls us to walk in humility regardless of our circumstances.  Will you still follow Jesus when there is a greater cost?


Take Aways:

  1. Understand what eternal life is.  (It’s not an add-on to your current existence.  Pray that God continuously reveal Himself to you through Jesus’ teaching.  He is eternal life.  He’d he know the question would have been, what must I do to get more of you Jesus.
  2. Recognize your need for Christ
  3. Live generously.
  4. Take Action: Go!  And Obey…. We do not have a checklist that makes us right with God.   We are only right with Him through faith in Jesus.  But any faith that doesn’t produce actions that resemble Christ’s actions, must be challenged… and will probably be found as false.  Faith without works is dead. (Scripture)