Big Idea:

Living a life of spiritual growth and maturity is contingent on continual prayers.   This week we will learn principles found in Ephesians 6 that will help us to keep praying through challenging times.


Prayer is not some external activity that we must do daily.    Rather it is an opportunity to meet with God as He shows us how to become more like Jesus.

Group Questions:

1.) What is your experience with prayer?  Positive? Negative? Unsure?  Why?

2.) Do you find it easy or difficult to pray for yourself? for others?

3.) What are some areas in your life that tend to keep you from praying?

4.) Have you ever felt the sense that God is not answering your prayers? Why?

5.) Read Colossians 4:2-4.   What posture should a believer have in prayer according to the passage.

6.) Read 1 Thessalonians 5:15-18.   Does 1 Thessalonians offer any new insights into God’s desire for us to pray?

7.) What do you believe prayer without ceasing should practically look like?

8.) Pray together as a group.   Take time to receive prayer requests from others in the group.  Then pray together about the needs introduced with one another.